Phasing Systems


The Last Big Step for Greater Efficiency

I. Introduction

Figure 1 The ranges of knocking combustion and wide-open throttle enrichment in the engine performance map

II. High efficiency under partial-load and full-load conditions

Figure 2 Influence of compression ratio on thermal engine efficiency (left) and performance map of a two-stage compression ratio (right)

III. Multi-link concept

Figure 3 VCR system based on multi-link mechanicals

IV. Actuator system

Figure 4 Topology of the multi-link multi-link phasing system

Figure 5 MBS model for quantifying the loads on the actuator

V. Transmission concept

Figure 6 Components of the flex pot gearbox

Figure 7 Example of a development sample for the gearbox for the multi-link phasing system and gearbox test stand for component testing

VI. Brushless direct-current motor

Figure 8 VCR BLDC motor prototype and test stand for component testing

Figure 9 Motor and transmission are axially interlocked to form a complete unit

VII. Electronic control unit

Figure 10 Combination of a new printed circuit board and a proven housing concept

VIII. System-based approach for expedited engine integration

Figure 11 Supply scope of the complete system from Schaeffler (green)

IX. Summary and outlook

The digital version of the Schaeffler Symposium 2018 “Mobility for Tomorrow” conference transcript

V. Transmission concept