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Clutch Systems

The Manual Transmission Has a Future

E-Clutch and Hybridization

I. Introduction

II. Automated clutch actuation

Figure 1 Variants for clutch automation: MTplus, Clutch-by-Wire (CbW) and Electronic Clutch Management (ECM)

Figure 2 Operating conditions of the actuator: Clutch actuation by driver and pedal, actuation by actuator only when coasting and return to actuation by the driver

Figure 3 Schaeffler’s modular clutch actuator (MCA)

Figure 4 Functions of the automated clutch in the MTplus, CbW and ECM variant

III. Development of driving strategies

Figure 5 Field test on coasting mode: Video material synchronization with measured data

Figure 6 Reasons for entering coasting mode

Figure 7 Number of coasting operations in various driving situations

Figure 8 Evaluation of potential implementation variants for coasting mode

Figure 9 Recommendations for manual transmission automation

IV. Example of an automated clutch application

Figure 10 Stop from 50 kph without and with an automated clutch

Figure 11 Driving strategies with automated clutch on approaching a city limits sign and when passing other cars

Figure 12 CO₂ reduction and system costs using the example of a manual transmission in a 48 V hybrid concept in P0 arrangement

V. Summary

The digital version of the Schaeffler Symposium 2018 “Mobility for Tomorrow” conference transcript

I. Introduction